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410%Increase in Google AdWords Conversions in Three Months
Prior to contracting us, Holy Family was managing its PPC campaigns in-house, incurring AdWords losses and a negative ROI. We helped optimize reduce costs.
170% Increase in AdWords Conversions, 33% Decrease in CPC
Horizon DataSys wanted to optimize their AdWords account to increase the number of downloads & reduce cost per conversion. Pitstop Media overdelivered.
195% Increase in AdWords CTR, Campaign Cost Decrease by 40%
Food Connect hired us to optimize an AdWords account with poor Quality Score, high CPC and no prior conversion tracking. Pitstop Media delivered.
Multiple #1 Organic Rankings in Less Than Three Months
Eclipse Medical presence within Google wa so poor that the website was not showing up at all for any targeted keywords. We were able to quickly change that.
38% Increase in AdWords Conversions, Reduced CPC by 20.5%
CPO gave Pitstop Media their flagship website to improve its organic Google rankings. We achieved impressive results, faster than expected.
33% Increase in Organic Traffic, 50% More Requests for Proposal
Sirco Samplers have seen a significant improvement in where their website is ranked for the most important keywords in their industry, with help from us.
28% Decrease in AdWords CPC, 30% Increase in Conversion Rate
DWC wanted to improve the conversion rate of AdWords and reduce the acquisition costs for this channel. Pitstop Media focused on GA data and delivered results.

Top Rated SEO Services

Ranking your website in top positions in search engines is essential for generating revenue online.

SEO is a tedious and long process that requires in-depth understanding of search engine algorithms, information architecture, researching the right keywords and access to expensive competitive intelligence tools.

Backed by SEO experts with 10 years or more experience, Pitstop Media constantly delivered results for its clients, with a 100% success rate. We are confident that we will deliver for you too, so contact us for a free quote.

Our organic listings within Google were so bad that our website was not showing up at all within Google’s search engine. Pitstop Media were able to quickly and ...
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SEO Services Overview


A proper SEO campaign will not only help you achieve first page rankings, but should also create brand awareness, generate leads and sell more products or services online.

When you work with Pitstop Media Inc. you get the best SEO services possible. Our extensive experience and knowledge will help your business get top rankings, reach more potential customers and generate more sales. Here is what to expect from us:

  • more than 10 years experience in SEO
  • SEO competitive intellingence
  • PageRank flow
  • manual, line by line analysis of your pages
  • internal linking analysis
  • expertise in consulting and implementing successful SEO campaigns

Pitstop Media Inc's philosophy in terms of search engine optimization (and all other forms of Internet marketing) is to help clients generate positive return on their investments. We implement SEO tactics that are considered safe and comply with major search engine guidelines (Google, Yahoo! and Bing). We follow the industry standards and best practices required by the major search engines.

Pitstop Media offers the following SEO services

For the best results we recommend implementing both services. First, start by auditing your website and making necessary changes to build a search engine friendly website. Then build relevant links to increase your website's reputation among search engines and Internet users.

SEO Consulting and Audit

We audit and assess your website for more than 50 SEO factors to identify opportunities to improve rankings and correct issues that could negatively impact your website. We work hard to make sure that search engines will find your website more relevant for the keywords you target.

Our SEO audit process consists of several stages, each of them important for the overall success of your onsite SEO campaign:

Stage I - Evaluation & Research
Stage II - SEO Audit
Stage III - Implementation
Stage IV - Quality Assurance
Stage V - Monitoring & Reporting

At the end of our audit we will provide a detailed SEO report, specific to your website' needs, containing actionable recommendations to make your website search engine friendly and to rank higher in search engines result pages. Once you implement the necessary changes on your website, you will end up with a site that is perfectly structured and optimized for search engines.

If the keywords you are targeting are not highly competitive, your website rankings will improve based solely on the implemented SEO recommendations. However, considering today's competitive Internet market, to get higher rankings you will have to invest in a link building campaign.


Our SEO consulting and auditing fee is a one-time fee and is based on the total number of pages we have to optimize (or each template page, as in the case of product pages for ecommerce websites). Please contact us for a free customized quote.

Let Us Improve Your Search Engine Rankings!
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or your contact details with a third party.

Link Building

Link building (also known as off site optimization) involves building relevant external links pointing to your website.

We will help creating content and then we outreach to bloggers to create awareness, branding and quality links (IBL) to your site.

The rankings of your website in search engine results will very much depend on the keywords you target and their competitiveness. Pitstop Media will conduct:

  • an extensive keyword analysis to identify how popular the keywords are, or in other words, how many times people search for your targeted keywords
  • keywords research, using Google Keywords Tool, your web analytics or PPC data, to identify other keyword opportunities
  • competitor research to analyze how they are ranking for the same keywords you are targeting and for related keywords they are showing up for in search results

Some of the most important strategies we implement are:

  • content creation
  • blogger outreach
  • guest blogging
  • identify industry specific tactics
  • competitor research in terms of link building and referral traffic

The rankings of your website (among other factors) are also based on how competitive your industyr/niche are. The amount of competition will dictate the necessary resources to build links and the prices to achieve results.


Our link building fee is solely based on the difficulty,the numbers of the keywords you want to rank your website for and the time our SEO specialists are working on your account. Please contact us for a free customized quote.

Let Us Improve Your Search Engine Rankings!
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  your search marketing inquiry is safe and confidential We value your privacyWe will not rent or sell your email address
or your contact details with a third party.
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