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410%Increase in Google AdWords Conversions in Three Months
Prior to contracting us, Holy Family was managing its PPC campaigns in-house, incurring AdWords losses and a negative ROI. We helped optimize reduce costs.
170% Increase in AdWords Conversions, 33% Decrease in CPC
Horizon DataSys wanted to optimize their AdWords account to increase the number of downloads & reduce cost per conversion. Pitstop Media overdelivered.
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Food Connect hired us to optimize an AdWords account with poor Quality Score, high CPC and no prior conversion tracking. Pitstop Media delivered.
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Eclipse Medical presence within Google wa so poor that the website was not showing up at all for any targeted keywords. We were able to quickly change that.
38% Increase in AdWords Conversions, Reduced CPC by 20.5%
CPO gave Pitstop Media their flagship website to improve its organic Google rankings. We achieved impressive results, faster than expected.
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DWC wanted to improve the conversion rate of AdWords and reduce the acquisition costs for this channel. Pitstop Media focused on GA data and delivered results.

Conversion Rate Optimization Services

There is a difference between conversion rate optimization (often used as website optimization) and search engine optimization. The former is the process of improving your website goals (more products added to cart, increased order value, increased email subscriptions and so on) while the latter is aimed at increasing your website's rankings in search engines.

Starting in late 2008, the term website optimization has been used interchangeably with conversion optimization or conversion rate optimization (CRO).

It's been great working with Pitstop because I can always count on them to provide solid expertise in some of the more difficult areas of Internet marketing and optimization.
internet marketing testimonials - James D
Pitstop Media conceptualizes, designs, tests and measures the outcome of different variations of the web page(s) to improve our client’s website's goal completion rates. We use Google Website Optimizer to statistically validate the tests we design for clients.

Benefits of Conversion Rate Optimization

One of the most important benefits of conversion optimization is that it allows businesses to generate more revenue without having to spend more to acquire website traffic.

Any company knows that driving traffic to the website is only half the battle. If the visitors are not taking the desired actions (adding to the cart, completing a purchase, subscribing to RSS feeds or newsletters), all acquisition efforts are in vain. Pitstop Media helps companies capitalize on their existing traffic. We test and optimize websites to:

  • convert more visitors into customers
  • improve user experience and generate more repeat business
  • increase revenues and profits

Our CRO Methodology

Conversion rate optimization is a complex process that requires experience, expertise and business analysis skills. There are several optimization tools, but almost all of them of them are used just to statistically validate the optimization experiments. There is not a single tool that could replace an experienced conversion optimization consultant.

We have conducted many tests, which has helped us perfect our testing methodology to help clients improve their website conversion rates. As part of our methodology, our CRO consultants will:

  • utilize several web analytic tools to discover actionable insights
  • have a discussion with you in person and with your customers or lost leads to better understand why the desired actions were not taken
  • analyze standard surveys and open text questions
  • analyze your competition
  • design and test conversion optimization hypothesis

Pitstop Media's optimization process consists of three major stages.

Stage I – Data Collection

We gather web analytics data and use tools such as Google Analytics to collect and analyze user behaviour on clients' websites. We also use analytics tools like Crazy Egg and ClickTale to examine important data that can't be collected using Google Analytics.

The time required to gather data depends on the amount of traffic to the website and/or the landing page.

Stage II – Data Analysis

During this stage we analyze your business, website, main online competitors and the data collected on the first stage.

Furthermore, we will have a discussion with you and your audience using Voice of Customer (VOC) tools to better understand your goals and identify what can be improved. This will allow us to understand what the visitors' goals are and what is stopping them from reaching those goals.

We will also analyze your competition and try to identify if they are currently running any tests and/or any tactics persuading potential customers.

Stage III - Test design and setup

Based on the analysis and traffic values, we can determine which type of test to begin with (A/B or multivariate) and the elements of the web page to be tested. As an example, for the first test, we can choose to run an updated design of the page to see if your visitors are sensible to the look and feel. Or we can choose to run a multivariate MVT test with 5 different headlines.

If we are optimizing just a landing page, we test, measure and analyze the improvements of a single action on that landing page (more clicks on the "add to cart" button or more clicks the download now button). If we are optimizing to improve a whole process (i.e. a checkout process) or the whole website, then we will run a series of tests across multiple pages.


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