What Functions Do You Think AdWords Interface Should Include?

To me, the most obvious feature that Adwords interface should include is revenue tracking. As of now, advertisers can only see their conversion value by pulling out a report (without using Google Analytics), which isn’t known to a lot of people. This begs the question: if Google is capable of recording conversion value, why can’t they just show it in real time as Yahoo! (well, with a few hours of statistic update delay) does?

revenue tracking with Yahoo's search marketing interface

Yahoo’s Revenue Tracking

Well, call me paranoid if you want, but I think it’s just a scheme by Google to force people to use Google Analytics.

Another nice function to have would be to be able to compare data from two different date range. Maybe it’s just me, but I really don’t feel like pulling a report when I just want to briefly compare some simple stats, let’s say, between the first half of this month and the second half of the same month. It would be really nice if I can just lock the two different date range and just toggle between them while browsing thru different campaigns and ad groups looking for the stats I need.

My final complaint would be the lack of a “matched existing keywords” section in Adwords’ Search Query Report. This report basically shows you what are the exact search queries that searchers use to get to your website. For example, you can be bidding on the keyword running shoes in phrase match, and searchers can come across your ad when they search for red running shoes. If the searchers end up clicking on your ad, the search query report will show that the search query red running shoes brings in some visits to your site even though you don’t have that keyword in your list.

The problem with this report is, even though it shows you what’s the exact user search query, it doesn’t tell you which existing keyword in your list is actually being triggered. How can Google left out such an obvious function?

So, what other potential features am I missing?

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