Demand Proof of Expertise and Transparency from your SEO service provider


Proof of Expertise

Ask agencies for case studies, success stories or client references. You should not sign any contracts without reviewing such information.

A trustworthy SEO company will be able to provide case studies without even being asked for them. In most instances, those case studies are publicly available on their sites for everyone to review. However, in some cases, agencies do not publicly share case studies, so make sure you ask for them.

Another proof of expertise you should ask for is success stories. Usually, success stories display some of the most impressive results delivered by a company. This is one of the few cases where it is useful to ask a service provider about averages, such as average time frames, average ROI, and so on.

We also suggest asking for client references from those SEO companies you’ve selected for your final decision (usually 1 to 3 companies).

In summary:

  • Ask for case studies, success stories and client referrals before deciding on your provider
  • Ask for client references only from the SEO companies you shortlist for the final decision


Your SEO agency should be transparent, and fully disclose the tactics and strategies used on your site as well as in link building. Statements such as “Our methods are secret/proprietary”, or “We have special relationships with search engines” should raise a red flag.

This is especially important for link building services, since this is where you have the least control in the SEO process. You should know and approve of each link building strategy, as you should never force your agency to speed up the SEO process by implementing tactics that are against search engine guidelines.

For onsite SEO changes, someone in your organization will review, approve or implement the recommendations, which make the process a bit safer. For link building, ask the SEO agency what strategies they plan to implement to build links for your site, and how safe those strategies are considering existing and recent algorithmic updates, policies and guidelines. Choose a company that is transparent in their approach and shares knowledge of everything they do, providing detailed reports.

Also ask for sample reports to make sure you are getting the information you are looking for.

In summary:

  • Make sure you are aware upfront of both onsite and link building strategies
  • Choose a company that readily agrees to reveal ALL tactics, in as much detail as possible
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Demand Proof of Expertise and Transparency from your SEO service provider, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating


Traian is Director of Search Marketing at Pitstop Media Inc. He has more than 11 years experience in helping small and medium businesses generate and convert organic traffic from search engines. Connect with Traian on Google+. He is also the author of the Ecommerce SEO book.


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    Transparency is necessary to know that what is going to done and what has done to your website. This will allow you to get the more business and you will know that how are you getting so.

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