Personalize Your Website Content for Higher Conversion Rates


What to test

Different types of promotions on the home page

What to measure

The CTR on your promotional sections (link, banners, etc)

Test Description

If you’re selling various products or services online, why don’t you take the advantage of personalization tactics? Not all visitors are interested in your Toyota deals, or the new plasma TVs; I am researching on cameras and since I’ve already been on your website before (I even have an account) and searched for Nikon cameras in the past, why are you still showing me the deals for anything else than my previous search term? Here’s the deal: next time a user comes on your home page (or other page) try to personalize the content just for him. Make him feel special. If you display featured products on your home page, in my case Nikon camera should be there. Better, since you know I was on the site before – and looked for that product -, give me some incentives to buy it now; a “10% discount on Nikon Camera” or something similar. Let’s look at the following example: while the product images are clean and nice, this is not what I’m looking, therefore I will ignore it completely (and you just wasted 30% of your home page estate on what?!)

Featured for whom?

Featured Product for whom? Me or Your Business?

Some types of personalization tactics for featured products or promotional material:

  • my previous search history (ohh, you don’t do that? Too bad for your conversion rate)
  • my purchase history
  • products I’ve added in the shopping cart in the past, but didn’t buy
  • frequent stock renewal commodities (like tooth paste, diapers, toilet paper, or Rx drugs)

Want more ideas? The following are not personalization ideas, but still are good for customization (personalization is not the same with customization; I guess you can sense the difference)

  • Best sellers
  • Most searched products
  • Most viewed products on your site
  • Most added to cart

See how many opportunities are there and you’re still showing “one page fits all” content? PS: do not forget to update your policies and explain visitors you’re tracking their activities.

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