Is Pay Per Click Really for Everyone?


We often hear that every business should try PPC. It’s effective, efficient, can fit into everyone’s budget, etc. And I agree with all the positive qualities of PPC mentioned above. But is it really for EVERYONE, no matter what services or products one offers? This I disagree!!

Let’s say, I offer a product that targets schools/education institutes. You might say:”Blah, don’t bash PPC based on an imaginary product!” Okay, fine! Let’s be more specific. The product is for computer lab monitoring and management. It allows teacher to monitor students’ computer activity, chat with students, distribute tests, etc from one central computer [this is an legit product! For once I didn’t make something up].

Can I NOT advertise on PPC for my product? Of course I can. But is it really the best approach? Let’s think about it:

The number of schools in, for example North America, is pretty steady. It’s not likely there will be a huge increase in the number of schools in the next few years or decades. In fact, the number might actually decrease. It’s easy enough to get the list of all the schools in NA and their contact information thanks to the World Wide Web. Why would I setup a PPC campaign and wait for potential client to contact me? I really should just start cold calling every school in the continent and pushing my products. It’s more direct and definitely doesn’t waste any budget. The same logic can be applied to someone who offers products/software that work exclusively for government organizations.

So, is PPC not as great as people claimed to be?

Don’t get me wrong, I love PPC! It’s definitely one of the best advertising channels out there, “if your product can benefit from advertising”.

The lesson here? Don’t buy into someone’s sales pitch and believe that PPC can bring you unlimited business! Do some research and understand your market first. If that’s still outside of your ability, well, then at least talk to a REPUTABLE PPC consultant and get some professional second opinions.

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Steve worked for Pitstop Media Inc as a Pay per Click (PPC) specialist, helping clients maximize the value of their PPC campaigns. He is also a musician and a part-time sound designer for TV/film.


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    Is Pay Per Click Really for Everyone?…

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