Is Adwords Conversion Optimizer Right For You?

Is-Adwords-Conversion-Optimizer-Right-For-YouGoogle Adwords has lowered the number of conversions required to run conversion optimizer on your Adwords campaign. Previously the criterion was 100 conversions in the last 30 days. But now if you had 50 conversions in the last 30 days, you are eligible to use conversion optimizer. Hurrah!!

But is Adwords conversion optimizer good for you? The answer is it depends and Pros and Cons are as follows:


1. Adwords conversion optimizer recommends Max CPA (maximum cost per acquisition) based on its analysis of your account’s historical data and other factors. You can choose to go with what Adwords suggests or you can set Max CPA (maximum cost per acquisition) for each adgroup separately. The option to set your own Max CPA helps advertisers like me save more $$$ for the client as various ad groups contain different products and have different CPA (cost per acquisition).

2. Saves you lots of time, so you can concentrate on other activities of your business.


1. Conversion Optimizer doesn’t consider the ROAS(Return on Ad Spend) when bidding for you. Ex. You may be selling product A which has lower conversion rate with high profit margin and product B which has higher conversion rate with lower profit margin. Chances are conversion optimizer will display product B ads more than product A ads.

2. Once you start running conversion optimizer, you can’t change the bids of specific keywords. It makes sense and that’s why a user opts for conversion optimizer.

3. Also the following features don’t work with Adwords conversion optimizer

• Position preference
• Advanced ad scheduling
• Separate content bids

Use the above information as a starting point when considering using conversion optimizer. It doesn’t hurt to try the Adwords optimizer offered by Google. But if you time to spend managing the bids, then I personally recommend not opting for conversion optimizer. This is my opinion only.

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  1. PPC Manager said:

    Jan 18, 10 at 11:34 pm

    Really on the wall with this one. My numbers keep going up with the manual bidding, but I am pressed for time. I am about to try it in a couple of campaigns.

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