Internet Marketing and Coffee


Per Year Savings – $942. Sounds Interesting? Read below…

You probably wonder what the relation between coffee and internet marketing is. It is about saving money and at the same time start generating more, at no additional expense.

I am talking to small and medium business owners whom, at these times (still some of us refuse to accept we – globally speaking – are in recession) should try to improve their business and be innovative. Market your business online is innovative and, as with most of the marketing tactics, you have to try it.

Very often we hear “Internet Marketing is expensive” or “I can’t afford it at this time” or something similar. Good news for you! Online marketing is not necessarily expensive and, take my advice, nowadays, you HAVE TO AFFORD IT.

“Internet Marketing is expensive” – What if I give you tips you could use to $ave hundreds right away? Would you give it a try?

You will save money and if you are smart, you will use those savings to test what a website and a proper online marketing campaign can do for your small or medium business.

Imagine how simple and effective this is: you get money saving tips so you can build your website, start a test campaign (advertising) or even search engine optimize your site!

The coffee cost tip

$1.53 – this is the price of a large coffee cup at Tim Horton’s. Two coffees a day should be enough for anyone .

– daily cost is $3.06
– a month will cost $92
– a year will be $1140 (holly smoke, do I spend that much on coffee?)
– 20 years from now, it will be around $22000

The money saving tip

BUY YOUR OWN COFFEE MACHINE! The low-end ones cost about $20 and the high end will be around $200.
Ground coffee will be around $7 and you can make up to 16 coffees with one package.
– daily cost is around $0.55 (including sugar and coffee filters)
– a month will cost $16.5
– a year will be $198
– 20 years from now, it will be $3960

Possible savings – if you stick to the program:

1 year – $942
20 years – $21058

It may sound hard to achieve but as with going to the gym, it is all about getting used with it. To persuade yourself, think of the big picture: $18K savings in 20 years.

To start a test campaign half the one year’s savings will be sufficient for most of the small and medium business.

Pitstop Media offers ROI based internet marketing services such as landing page testing services and conversion rate optimization services. Our A/B and multivariate tests have helped companies increase conversion rates by as much as 75%. Let us increase your conversion rates, too!

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Traian is Director of Search Marketing at Pitstop Media Inc. He has more than 11 years experience in helping small and medium businesses generate and convert organic traffic from search engines. Connect with Traian on Google+. He is also the author of the Ecommerce SEO book.


3 Responses to “Internet Marketing and Coffee”

  1. John said:

    Nov 18, 08 at 12:18 am

    This post finds to be interesting, but some what difficult to follow.
    I guess..I the coffee tip would really workout.


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  2. Greg said:

    Nov 25, 08 at 11:34 pm

    You’re following a fool’s math with the coffee example, however. For example, the biggest expense that goes into a cup of coffee at Starbucks (i.e., the primary thing you pay for) covers labor expenses — not coffee supplies, not coffee equipment, etc. What makes your math ring false is that you presume a person’s time (time spent taking over that labor themselves) is worthless.

    The other big flaw is that your math presumes human behavior operates purely on logic and logic alone. It doesn’t. If it did, abstinence would be 100% effective as a birth control method. It is most certainly not.

    So what you ignore is that people, in general, are lazy and prefer to have others do menial tasks for them. How many of us change our own oil in our cars? How many of us churn our own butter to save a few bucks? So a lot of people are going to be too lazy to make their own coffee. And these people not only will be back in line at Tim Horton’s — they’ll do so with additional bills for a coffee machine, filters, etc., that they will never use again. You basically cost them _more_ money in the end.

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  3. traiann said:

    Nov 26, 08 at 3:41 pm

    Hi Greg,

    Thanks for commenting. I just gave a tip. You made some points, but in the end, i think people will save, not spend more. The tip also opens the eyes of those who are daily clients of coffee stores.

    And here’s another advice for medium business owners. Buy a coffee machine for your employers. You will achieve two things: increased chances of happier employees and hopefully a better retention rate and you will prevent people from wasting time going for a coffee.

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