How to Smartly Read AdWords Keyword Data


Actually, just gonna share a quick tip on how to analyze AdWords keyword data if you are you one of the unfortunate group of people who didn’t follow PPC best practices and have both Search and Content targeting under one campaign.

Reminder: Always use separate campaigns for Search and Content targeting!

Now, take a look at this image below:


If you haven’t noticed, when you add up all the keyword impressions, they are equal to the “Total – Search” number, not “Total – all keywords”.

This logic applies to all other metrics and also the data under search queries report.

So , for example, if you are doing keyword research for SEO and want to find out which search query has the highest impression from Google Search, just run a search query report and look for search query that has the most impressions. Don’t worry about the impression numbers being inflated by Content Network impressions, because all the keyword data that you see are only from Search Network.

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