How to Launch Successful B2B Online Marketing Campaigns and Generate Leads Part 1


One of the main challenges of B2B marketing managers is launching successful online marketing campaigns and generating leads. Often I come across marketing managers who launch online marketing campaigns generating poor results and complain the channel is not that effective. After working with quite a few of B2B campaigns, it’s obvious that the issue is always not with the channel.

I want to speak in particular about 3 factors that play a key role in success or failure of campaigns but are often overlooked.

Factor 1: I am driving traffic to the website but the marketing campaign is not generating results

Marketing manager launches well planned campaigns but gets poor results. They think that the campaigns are a failure. Really? Look at the analytics data for visitor engagement on the website and it has truth all over it.

It’s 2012 and still there are lots of firms who don’t realize that website is a key component of the online marketing cycle. It’s been written about already a lot. Driving qualified traffic is part of the campaign but only when you successfully engage them through the website, do you get good results. How can you successfully engage them?

By offering what you promised through your advertising messages. Establishing trust and credibility is also important as business buyers are not meeting you in person but are looking at your website. Some of the obvious things you should consider but still missing in many websites are as follows:

B2B Website Best Practise-Contact info

B2B Website Best Practice – Easy To Spot Contact Info

  • Easy to find phone number and email address to contact you. (check the above image)
  • Consistent messaging across various elements of the marketing campaign from ads to landing pages.
  • Well designed website/landing pages with your target market in mind.
  • Content not about how great your product is or what it can do, but how it can help address the problem/ need of your target market.
B2B Website Best Practise-Lead Gen Form

B2B Website Best Practise-Lead Gen Forms

  • Lead generation forms: Either websites don’t have it at all or have them with too many sections to fill out. Clearly determine the minimal information that you require to qualify a lead and just ask for that through the forms. Often companies ask for too much information and they get too few who fill it. Make sure to have forms on all relevant pages.
  • White papers & case studies are something business buyers tend to look at early stages of the buying cycle to determine how you solved/addressed a similar problem. You can also ask for the visitor’s contact information through a lead generation form in order to provide access to white papers & case studies. You can also advertise for specific keywords and direct them to whitepapers & case studies.
  • Webinars – live and recorded. You can also advertise your webinars through banner and paid search as well promote it through Twitter to your followers.
  • Blog – did I say blog? Of course, and I assume you know what to do with a blog. This is just to remind you.
  • Chat software – launching a live chat application on your website is a low cost investment which helps engage buyers more actively, providing them with information much faster which helps reduce their research time improving buying cycles. Also it offers an opportunity to get their contact information much faster. The best ones I know of are Liverperson and Bold Chat.
  • Product/service videos
  • Client testimonials (text with images, video)
  • Clients’ list
  • Promote any and all Industry related organization memberships, certifications, qualifications, citations by industry authorities, awards etc. as this helps improve trust and credibility.
  • Management profiles: Business buyers also look at the management of the company before engaging further. The management profiles helps to ascertain how qualified the individuals who are running the business and helps improve trust and credibility. You can include LinkedIN profiles if you have them

Bonus Tip

Whenever you plan to redesign/rebuild the website, consider addressing the onsite SEO to ensure the redesigned website is in compliance with search policies, guidelines, best practices and algorithm updates.

Also identify the most important keywords you want to rank for organically and have relevant content created when redesigning the website. You don’t want to invest time redesigning a website and then finding out that you need to make content and programming changes to improve your chances of ranking. If you do, then you’ll be wasting time and money.

Addressing these issues helps lay a strong foundation in terms of your business online presence and helps improve the success of your marketing campaigns. I’ll talk about 2 more factors in the next post in a few days. Also you guys post comment on issues that you’ve come across when executing a b2b online marketing campaign that are often over overlooked.

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2 Responses to “How to Launch Successful B2B Online Marketing Campaigns and Generate Leads Part 1”

  1. Amy Jensen said:

    Jan 16, 13 at 6:58 am

    Wow I love the way this article was written. I have so many new ideas and am excited to implement them. I work for a marketing company and we do a lot with online lead generation so this article really will be helpful to me. Thank you for your perspective on this.

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  2. Barbara McKinney said:

    Jan 16, 13 at 10:46 pm

    n order to have a successful b2b online marketing campaign, we must have a good and unique strategy to attract people. We must not forget to put some important details such as emails and phone numbers that often giving the visitors a hard time to locate in our site.

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