Google Adwords Quality Score Explained


What is Quality Score in Google Adwords?

Quality Score is a value assigned by Google Adwords to your keywords and ads based on their performance and certain relevance factors.

What is Quality Score used for?

Google Adwords uses the Quality Score to determine:

  • First page bid estimate (previously known as minimum cost per click)
  • Ad Rank
  • Cost per Click

What’s in it for you?

In simple terms, the higher the Quality Score you have, the less the amount you will end up paying to Google for each click. So, if you take all measures to improve the Quality Score of your ads and keywords, you will spend less $$$ to achieve your marketing objective through Google Adwords, be it lead generation or product purchase.

How is Quality Score Calculated?

Google Adwords calculates Quality Score by aggregating various metrics:


Google Adwords Quality Score Factors

Google Adwords Quality Score

*- CTR means Click Through Rate

Ads and keywords have separate Quality Scores. Also, there are some differences in how they are calculated (highlighted in yellow are some metrics used only in calculating the Quality Score of either keywords or ads).

Google Adwords Keyword Quality Score Factors

Google Adwords Keyword Quality Score

Google Adwords Ad Quality Score Factors

Google Adwords Ad Quality Score

In the next article I will discuss how quality score is used by Google Adwords to determine the various variables mentioned under question 2.

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    here is the part 2 on Google’s Quality Score

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    Excellent write up Sahaj. A lot of effort behind that post and some really good tips on improving QS – cheers.

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