Google Adwords Quality Score – Part 2


In this article I will discuss how Google uses the Quality Score to determine:

– First page bid estimate
– Ad Rank
– Cost per click

If you want to get an understanding of what is Quality Score then check Google Adwords Quality Score – part 1 .

First page bid estimate

First page bid (previously known as minimum cost per click) is the minimum amount you need to spend per click to show your ads in the first page of search results for the keyword you advertise. Please note that Google Adwords uses the exact match type of a keyword to determine the keyword quality score.

The keyword quality score and current advertiser competition is used in calculating first page bid.

Keyword Quality Score Table

Keyword Quality Score

Ad quality score and the relevance of the search query to ad & keyword is not considered.
Current Advertiser Competition is the bidding competition among advertisers for the particular keyword.

Ad Rank

Ad rank is used by Google Adwords to determine where your ad should be displayed when a search query matches your keyword.

Ad Rank = Ad Quality Score X Maximum Cost per Click of the Keyword

The Ad Quality Score is slightly different than Keyword Quality Score.

Ad Quality Score Table

Ad Quality Score

When calculating the quality score for ad, Google Adwords doesn’t consider landing page quality (makes sense as ad quality doesn’t relate to landing page). But it considers relevance of search query to the ad and the keyword that triggered the ad. Apart from this all other factors used to determine the quality score of ad and keyword are the same.

Cost per click

Cost per click is the actual amount Google charges when someone clicks on your ad.

Cost per click = [Ad rank of the competitor who is below you / Your overall Quality Score] + $0.01

Overall Quality Score is a combination of account, campaign, ad group, ad and keyword quality scores. Google AdWords doesn’t charge you more when your ad appears in top positions above search results. But to appear in top positions above search results, your keyword maximum cost per click and quality score should exceed certain threshold.

In my next article I will discuss about quality score algorithm changes made by Google Adwords lately.

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  1. Lukas said:

    Mar 17, 09 at 12:55 am

    Really great post, very useful. Most professional explanation od QS I have ever seen. Congratulation!. Can I distribute this important knowledge in Poland?

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    Sure Lukas,

    Feel free to do it, but please mention the source.

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    I can only agree with Lukas. Great information! Thanks for sharing.

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