e-Commerce Landing Page PPC Blooper


This holiday season I was searching in Google for Jawbone bluetooth headsets on sale. Tigerdirect.ca had an enticing Ad.

TigerDirect.ca PPC Ad

TigerDirect.ca PPC ad

Clicked on it expecting sales promotion on Jawbone head sets. But I was directed to home page with nothing related to Jawbone or Bluetooth headset promotions.

TigerDirect Homepage

TigerDirect Homepage


I tried to search their Bluetooth section and found that they don’t have any Jawbone products at all. Not sure why would they specifically mention Aliph Jawbone, which is an actual product of Jawbone and not have any Jawbone products.


TigerDirect.ca Bluetooth Section

TigerDirect.ca promoted Jawbone headsets but didn’t have them on their website


TigerDirect.ca is failing in many areas. Google AdWords policy clearly states that

  • advertiser should honor the deals and offers promoted on their ads
  • user should be able to find what the ad promises (discounts/free offers) within 1-2 clicks of the landing page

Further TigerDirect.ca is paying more per click because the ad has very low relevance to the landing page leading to poor quality score. You can check the Google AdWords policies from the below links:

AdWords landing Page policy on finding products within 1-2 clicks

AdWords landing page policy on honoring the offers made on the ads

AdWords Quality score

You can also check the video from Google AdWords on Landing page and site quality:

I hope this helps you understand the importance of selecting the right keywords, ads and landing pages to promote your website. If you are an e-commerce advertiser, ensure that your landing pages are relevant to the keywords and the ads you advertise. Further honor any sales promotions/discounts for you are not just losing advertising dollars but disgruntled buyers, potential new sales, business revenue and brand reputation.

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  1. Richard said:

    Mar 28, 12 at 2:42 pm

    It’s definitely a failure, but I think that part of the problem is that bigger companies have so many moving parts and departments within themselves that coordinating the marketing team with the web team with the management is just a nightmare. That’s how companies die though.

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