Commenting Policies on Pitstop Media’s Blog


First of all, comments are welcome on Pitstop Media’s blog. However, we do not tolerate spam. Since this blog has a lot of visitors, both human and bots, a comment policy is required. Please read below.

1. Comments are welcome and encouraged. All comments have to be pertinent to the article they are about. Writing about what you ate this morning or promoting your client’s website is not something our readers are interested in. Please stay on topic, otherwise your comment may not get approved.

2. Comments should add value. If a comment is clearly spam and it doesn’t get caught by the spam filters, we will delete it. If the same person or same IP makes spam comments we will add their domain and IP address to the blacklist.

3. No keywords in the “name” field.  All spam names will be replace with the word “spam” or “spammer” pointing to its associated  URL or, deleted without being read. Is your name really  “Virus Removal” or is it Nicholas Parker? Nicknames are fine as are real names.

4. Links must be relevant, not pointing to adult, gambling or illegal content. For the most part, linking to your site is fine. In case you link to such sites, we will remove the URL.

As the blog owner, we have  the following rights:

  1. Right to edit comments.
  2. Right to censor comments.
  3. Right to delete comments.
  4. Right to prevent comments by specific persons or groups.

Thanks you,

Pitstop Media’s Team

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