How to Build Organic Backlinks with a Simple Functionality


If you want to build links naturally (and also have a usable website), you should allow your visitors to easily share/publish links. Sharing can be social or a simple copy link text field. Such functionality is especially important for websites which don’t change the URL when altering data on the page (AJAX based pages). allows users to zoom into specific areas of the map, but if they want to share the outcome with someone, there’s no way to do it:

screeenshot of maps

Canpages doesn’t allow users to share result maps

On the other hand, on Google Maps there is a sharing button, which one can use to copy the map/directions URLs.

print email and share buttons on google map page

Google Maps allows users to share, print and email URLs does a good job at social sharing, but it fails to provide a direct link within the sharing functionality (not everyone knows where to get the page URL from):

social sharing functionality on product pages

REI does a good at social sharing, but fails to provide a direct link to be shared with friends

That being said, please share this article :) by using the tweet button at the top of it. And yes, we had those sharing buttons but we stopped using them until we find something better

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