A New Keyword Suggestion Tool for PPC


Today, I came across an interesting keyword research/suggestion tool for PPC and/or SEO. Let’s meet Übersuggest.

I describe it as interesting because…hmm…it’s actually very minimalistic and it doesn’t have any advanced keyword grouping functions. All it does is grabbing keywords from Google Suggest and output it to you in one single page. Here is how it works (quoted from the original site):

  • Write a term in the box
  • Choose your language and click suggest
  • Übersuggest takes your base term and extracts Google suggestions for it
  • If you check expand Übersuggest attaches each letter of the alphabet to your base term and extracts Google suggestions for those as well.
  • Check txt to download the result in a text file
Search Query - Banana teste with ubersuggest

Search Query – Banana

My first impression was: how’s this tool gonna help me more if I’m already using Google’s AdWords keyword tool? If Übersuggest is getting the data from Google, aren’t I getting duplicate results?

Those who know me long enough know that I believe everything is evil…wait…that’s not related to this article. But anyways, out of suspicion, I ran a simple test to assess the usefulness of this tool.

Term used: accounting software

Übersuggest Setting:

  • Language: English/USA
  • Expand: Check

AdWords Keyword Tool Setting:

  • Results are tailored to: English, United States
  • Descriptive words or phrases: Checked
  • Use synonyms: Checked
  • Everything else was left to default.

I made a search on both Übersuggest and AdWords keyword tool to see if Übersuggest would return any suggestions that AdWords keyword tool isn’t already giving me.

So, the verdict?

Below is the list of keywords suggested by Übersuggest (without expand):

  • accounting software
  • accounting software for mac (N/A)
  • accounting software for small business (N/A)
  • accounting software reviews
  • accounting software list (N/A)
  • accounting software comparison
  • accounting software applications (N/A)
  • accounting software for churches (N/A)
  • accounting software online (N/A)
  • accounting software for nonprofits (N/A)

Those marked with (N/A) are not presented in AdWords Keyword Tool. So, I guess Übersuggest does have its use, but why Google chose to left these keywords out from its keyword tool is beyond me. Keep in mind though, these keywords are suggested purely based on their popularity, not their relevance to your industry, so you still need to go through all of them and handpick the ones that work for you.

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