User Intent as an Important Metric in Keyword Research


Online marketers and SEO professionals have long focused on rankings by finding out what keywords a majority of their target market uses in online searches. This strategy has worked for many years, so you probably see no reason to start changing your strategy. As 2014 unfolds, though, you should seriously think about adjusting your keyword research strategy in accordance with recent developments.

One of the things you need to understand is that search engines don’t just strive to provide searchers with the best possible answers to their query. Before they even do that, … Continue Reading » User Intent as an Important Metric in Keyword Research

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How to Write Product Descriptions That Convert


Ah, product descriptions. As a marketer, the verbiage used to describe your goods or offerings is one of the last pieces of copy on your website to get looked at.

You test, tweak, and test your landing pages until you’re blue in the face. But what happens when people browse through your website in search of something to buy? Are you confident that the description of your product will get your interested visitor to become a loyal customer?

Ask any copywriter, and you’ll know: Product descriptions are some of the toughest pieces of copy … Continue Reading » How to Write Product Descriptions That Convert

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Guest Posting is Dead. Long Live Guest Posting!


Many businesses and online marketing practitioners have taken to using guest blogging as one of their strategies for getting links and subsequently growing their business. Recently, however, there have been talks of guest posting being dead and the talks became even more intense following Matt Cutts’ bold statements on his blog.

Before we give our own answer as to whether guest posting is indeed dead or not, let us first look at what Cutts actually had to say about it. Here goes …

SEO and User Experience: Finding the Common Ground


SEO professionals and other people involved in online marketing to some extent have known of a certain dilemma for quite some time. The dilemma is that they know they need to create websites that provide visitors with a good overall experience, but in doing so, the website may not make it to the top of search results. If they tweak the site to cater to what search engines are looking for, there’s a good chance user experience will be compromised.

This catch 22 has been around for so long and SEO … Continue Reading » SEO and User Experience: Finding the Common Ground

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Using Instructographics For Online Marketing


When infographics started becoming popular in 2010, online marketers and SEO professionals rushed to take advantage of it. Many indeed enjoyed some significant benefits from it, but many also realized successfully using infographics as a marketing tool is easier said than done. That’s because the most successful infographics are those that deliver a strong message backed by statistics and verifiable data, which it’s not as easy as pie.

Marketing via infographics requires a lot of time and effort, as you’ll have to gather, verify, and collate … Continue Reading » Using Instructographics For Online Marketing

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Knowledge Graph – A Comprehensive Guide


For decades, online search has been primarily about matching keywords and phrases in queries to those in web content. Google, however, felt the need to improve the search experience by digging into the richer meaning of search queries. One of the results of their efforts to give more value to online search is the Knowledge Graph.
What Is Knowledge Graph?
The Knowledge Graph is a system that “knows” a series of facts and figures associated with certain people, places, and things and “understands” semantic meanings about those facts or figures and connects … Continue Reading » Knowledge Graph – A Comprehensive Guide

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A Guide to International SEO


Business owners and online marketers already know how valuable SEO is. That is why SEO is a big part of their overall marketing efforts. Once you’ve set up a well-established SEO campaign, it’s time to look towards expansion. For the purpose of this article, expansion means extending your reach to international markets. Yes, there is something known as International SEO.

The most important thing you need to bear in mind about international SEO is that it is a far more complex challenge than local and domestic SEO primarily because you’ll have to … Continue Reading » A Guide to International SEO

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SEO Roadmap for 2014


2013 is drawing to a close. Understandably, online marketers are now busy discussing expectations, projections, and preparations for their 2014 SEO campaigns. As you build your own roadmap for your 2014 SEO strategies, it’s important for you to bear the most significant changes of 2013 in mind. Google’s Knowledge Graph enabled the search engine to understand the meaning of web content whereas the Hummingbird update enabled it to understand the context behind search queries.

These changes are significant because to a certain extent, they will dictate the direction your SEO … Continue Reading » SEO Roadmap for 2014

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SEO for Branding


You probably already know it’s important to:

But no matter how professionally your website is, no matter how good your content is and no matter how many social media accounts you have, your Internet marketing efforts can be improved with a solid … Continue Reading » SEO for Branding

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Google Hummingbird – 7 Myths and What It Means for SEO


At the end of September 2013, Google announced a major change in the way the process content. Nicknamed Hummingbird, this change has once again set the world of SEOs abuzz. Tips and advice as to how you can survive this change started cropping up on the net and not a few misconceptions are already leading people towards the wrong direction. This article hopes to make things right by setting the expectations. We start out, of course, by debunking some of the more popular myths currently circulating about Google’s Hummingbird.
Myth #1: The Hummingbird … Continue Reading » Google Hummingbird – 7 Myths and What It Means for SEO

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