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410%Increase in Google AdWords Conversions in Three Months
Prior to contracting us, Holy Family was managing its PPC campaigns in-house, incurring AdWords losses and a negative ROI. We helped optimize reduce costs.
170% Increase in AdWords Conversions, 33% Decrease in CPC
Horizon DataSys wanted to optimize their AdWords account to increase the number of downloads & reduce cost per conversion. Pitstop Media overdelivered.
195% Increase in AdWords CTR, Campaign Cost Decrease by 40%
Food Connect hired us to optimize an AdWords account with poor Quality Score, high CPC and no prior conversion tracking. Pitstop Media delivered.
Multiple #1 Organic Rankings in Less Than Three Months
Eclipse Medical presence within Google wa so poor that the website was not showing up at all for any targeted keywords. We were able to quickly change that.
38% Increase in AdWords Conversions, Reduced CPC by 20.5%
CPO gave Pitstop Media their flagship website to improve its organic Google rankings. We achieved impressive results, faster than expected.
33% Increase in Organic Traffic, 50% More Requests for Proposal
Sirco Samplers have seen a significant improvement in where their website is ranked for the most important keywords in their industry, with help from us.
28% Decrease in AdWords CPC, 30% Increase in Conversion Rate
DWC wanted to improve the conversion rate of AdWords and reduce the acquisition costs for this channel. Pitstop Media focused on GA data and delivered results.

170% More Software Downloads

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170% Increase In Google AdWords Conversions
Horizon DataSys offers desktop security and recovery management software solutions targeting businesses and individuals globally.
Horizon DataSys was offering a downloadable 30-day free trial version of its disaster recovery software called RollBack Rx, and used AdWords to drive visitor traffic to its website. Though Horizon DataSys was successful in driving traffic to the website, it had a very poor conversion rate with a minimal number of downloads.

Horizon DataSys wanted to optimize the PPC campaigns to increase the number of downloads and to reduce the cost per conversion.

We audited the PPC campaigns and the landing page and identified major issues, including:

  • Broad match keywords brought in too much unwanted traffic
  • Keywords had very low Quality Score
  • High cost per conversion
  • Poor click through rate
  • Campaign budgets were set too low
  • Very few negative keywords
  • AdWords conversion tracking was not set properly
  • The landing page didn't focus on the needs of the users of the software
  • The landing page was designed for B2B customers while the actual product was targeted towards B2C customers
  • Landing page did not clearly indicate the “free trial” offer
  • Call to action buttons were poorly designed
After the audit, we redesigned the landing page in the first phase. The value proposition, call to action and needs of B2C target market were the main focus of the landing page redesign. This included incorporation of a huge download button with bright color to quickly capture visitors' attention to the "free trial" offer.

In the second phase, we optimized Horizon DataSys’ Pay Per Click campaigns. We expanded the existing keyword list using web analytics data and third party tools, while pausing underperforming and irrelevant keywords. We also added a list of negative keywords to filter out unwanted traffic. Keywords were broken down into smaller ad groups. Targeted ad copies relevant to each ad group were created.

A new campaign budget was suggested to Horizon DataSys to capture more visitor traffic.
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The performance data was obtained by comparing performance of the campaigns 4 months before and after the optimization of PPC campaigns and redesign of the landing page. Note that the conversion data from before the optimization process was overly inflated due to inaccurate placement of the conversion code. Despite the disadvantage, Pitstop Media increased the number of conversions significantly.

decreased cost per conversion
increase AdWords conversions

The percentage increase of the total number of conversions (downloads) was 170% while the percentage decrease of the cost per conversion was 33%. The landing page redesign and PPC campaign optimization helped Horizon Datasys achieve its marketing objectives. Horizon Datasys is very satisfied with the results and is continuing to avail the services of Pitstop Media to promote all its products through Search engine marketing.

You Can Trust Us To Do The Job For You!
First Name   Last Name
Email Address   Work Phone
Company   Website
  your search marketing inquiry is safe and confidential We value your privacy! We will not rent or sell your email address
or your contact details with a third party.
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