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410%Increase in Google AdWords Conversions in Three Months
Prior to contracting us, Holy Family was managing its PPC campaigns in-house, incurring AdWords losses and a negative ROI. We helped optimize reduce costs.
170% Increase in AdWords Conversions, 33% Decrease in CPC
Horizon DataSys wanted to optimize their AdWords account to increase the number of downloads & reduce cost per conversion. Pitstop Media overdelivered.
195% Increase in AdWords CTR, Campaign Cost Decrease by 40%
Food Connect hired us to optimize an AdWords account with poor Quality Score, high CPC and no prior conversion tracking. Pitstop Media delivered.
Multiple #1 Organic Rankings in Less Than Three Months
Eclipse Medical presence within Google wa so poor that the website was not showing up at all for any targeted keywords. We were able to quickly change that.
38% Increase in AdWords Conversions, Reduced CPC by 20.5%
CPO gave Pitstop Media their flagship website to improve its organic Google rankings. We achieved impressive results, faster than expected.
33% Increase in Organic Traffic, 50% More Requests for Proposal
Sirco Samplers have seen a significant improvement in where their website is ranked for the most important keywords in their industry, with help from us.
28% Decrease in AdWords CPC, 30% Increase in Conversion Rate
DWC wanted to improve the conversion rate of AdWords and reduce the acquisition costs for this channel. Pitstop Media focused on GA data and delivered results.

AdWords CPC Down by 28.3% with Google Analytics

google analytics case study  

DWC Decreases AdWords CPC by 28.3% and Increases Paid Traffic Conversion Rate by 30.5% with Google Analytics
Overview is an ecommerce website selling health products to customers in North America. It is part of a leading online Canadian pharmacy group and the main channel for customer acquisition is Pay Per Click advertising. Pitstop Media managed the paid advertising for Drug World Canada. Based on experience, Pitstop Media knew that it can better manage PPC campaigns by gaining access to Google Analytics data, which provides information on visitor behaviour, actual search queries used by visitors, visitor navigation, goals, funnels, landing page performance, etc. Pitstop Media recommended Google Analytics and Drug World Canada was willing to try the services on a trial basis for 3 months.
Technical Ability
Since paid traffic was the target of our optimization efforts Pitstop Media focused on altering and improving data gathered by Google Analytics. Pitstop Media Inc. is a Google AdWords Certified Partner, and it was aware that Google was using the broad match to display ads based on synonyms, related searches and prior queries of a user. Pitstop Media wanted to know the exact keywords used by the client’s prospects, and not just the broad match keywords from the client’s AdWords account, in order to improve Drug World Canada’s Pay Per Click performance.

Pitstop Media started by creating a new profile in the client’s Google Analytics account with the purpose of capturing those exact keywords. Next it added filters to alter Google Analytic’s Campaign Term variable. These filters allowed it to capture and report the actual keywords that visitors typed into Google, rather than the bid keyword that Google analytics reports by default.
google analytics filters
The default Keywords Report of Google Analytics was altered to provide both the actual keyword from the AdWords campaign that got triggered (eg: nexium generic) and the exact keyword typed by users (eg: nexium generic equivalent). Here is a sample output of the altered Keyword Report:
exact keywords captured by Google Analytics
Pitstop Media created several custom segments (analyzing data only for keywords with conversions, or only traffic from the United States) to analyze data more effectively, set-up goals to segment data more effectively and to gain better insights and worked with the client to identify 3 separate goals. The goals were created based on the product purchase type (Rx or OTC) and the type of user who made the purchase (new or existing client). Pitstop Media defined goal funnels based on each goal.
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Analytical Skills
The objectives of the analytics implementation were to manage the PPC campaigns more effectively and to increase the ROI. Using the newly created profiles, Pitstop Media audited the paid keywords, ads and landing pages to identify opportunities to improve the campaigns. Based on the campaign audit it:
  • Identified new keywords and keyword patterns and added them to the existing PPC campaigns, driving more qualified traffic and increasing sales.
  • Added a significant number of negative keywords at campaigns and ad groups levels, thus reducing unqualified traffic and costs.
  • Used the Top Landing Page report to identify the worst performing destination URLs (highest bounce rate from AdWords traffic), and the keywords that were used to drive paid traffic to those pages. Either the keywords were paused or landing page recommendations were provided to improve the PPC campaign performance.
  • Created and tested new ads by analyzing the ad versions report and the landing page content.
  • Pitstop Media analyzed what product (Rx or OTC) visitors purchased often using goals and which purchase type visitor returned often to purchase again.
Business Insight
Pitstop Media addressed the PPC challenges faced by Drug World Canada an extremely competitive market with competitors’ bids increasing from month to month and a target market extremely sensitive to pricing. Google Analytics was used to provide granular information on the Return on Investment (ROI) of the conversion-generating keywords. Product ad groups were optimized and existing keyword inventory was expanded based on newly discovered themes and broken down in to smaller ad groups. Ads relevant to keywords within each ad group were created and tested. These steps led to increase of the Quality Score of the keywords.

Based on the OTC and Rx purchase goal completion data, Pitstop Media recommended that the client focus more on promoting Rx products, as they had higher repeat sales and customer return rates. Additionally, Pitstop Media provided recommendations to improve the landing pages and increase the ecommerce conversion rate.

Pitstop Media collected data for one month and started the AdWords account optimization. At the end of the process, the cost per acquisition decreased by 28.6% and the conversion rate increased by 31.8%.
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  your search marketing inquiry is safe and confidential We value your privacy! We will not rent or sell your email address
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