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410%Increase in Google AdWords Conversions in Three Months
Prior to contracting us, Holy Family was managing its PPC campaigns in-house, incurring AdWords losses and a negative ROI. We helped optimize reduce costs.
170% Increase in AdWords Conversions, 33% Decrease in CPC
Horizon DataSys wanted to optimize their AdWords account to increase the number of downloads & reduce cost per conversion. Pitstop Media overdelivered.
195% Increase in AdWords CTR, Campaign Cost Decrease by 40%
Food Connect hired us to optimize an AdWords account with poor Quality Score, high CPC and no prior conversion tracking. Pitstop Media delivered.
Multiple #1 Organic Rankings in Less Than Three Months
Eclipse Medical presence within Google wa so poor that the website was not showing up at all for any targeted keywords. We were able to quickly change that.
38% Increase in AdWords Conversions, Reduced CPC by 20.5%
CPO gave Pitstop Media their flagship website to improve its organic Google rankings. We achieved impressive results, faster than expected.
33% Increase in Organic Traffic, 50% More Requests for Proposal
Sirco Samplers have seen a significant improvement in where their website is ranked for the most important keywords in their industry, with help from us.
28% Decrease in AdWords CPC, 30% Increase in Conversion Rate
DWC wanted to improve the conversion rate of AdWords and reduce the acquisition costs for this channel. Pitstop Media focused on GA data and delivered results.

PPC Case Studies

adwords case study holy family online  

Google AdWords Conversions Increased by 410% in Three Months

Holy Family Phat Diem (HFO) offers a world-renowned selection of custom designed sculptures and religious statues. They also offer religious products such as jewellery, medals and church supplies to believers and churches all over the world through both retail and online stores. Prior to contracting Pitstop Media, HFO was managing its PPC campaigns in-house and incurring huge losses. 31.46% of HFO’s website traffic was from PPC advertising and the conversion rate was less than 0.5%, yielding a negative return on investment.
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adwords case study horizon datasys  

170% Increase In Google AdWords Conversions

Horizon DataSys offers desktop security and recovery management software solutions targeting businesses and individuals globally.Horizon DataSys was offering a downloadable 30-day free trial version of its disaster recovery software RollBack Rx and used AdWords to drive visitor traffic to its website. Though Horizon DataSys was successful in driving traffic to the website, it had a very poor conversion rate with very minimal downloads.
adwords case study - pdf version
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ppc case study food connect  

195% Increase in AdWords CTR

Food Connect is an online community for food lovers. Registered members can share recipe ideas with and recommend restaurants to fellow foodies. Unregistered visitors can browse the database of recipes posted by other registered members and the team. Food Connect had initially tried Pay Per Click advertising on their own, but had very limited success. The campaign had a very low click through rate, low Quality Score, high Cost Per Click, and lacked any form of conversion tracking.
ppc case study - pdf version
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Search Engine Optimization Case Studies

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seo case study eclipse medical  

#1 Organic Google Rankings in less than 3 Months

Eclipse Medical is a distributor of mobility products and daily living aids across Canada. By partnering with dealers throughout Canada, they are able to offer exceptional service and value on products including Shoprider™ scooters, power chairs, scooter accessories and Eclipse lift chairs. Eclipse Medical had its website built in September 2008. Similar to other businesses that were launching new websites, their traffic expectations were quickly crushed: they had no visitors to their website for more than 2 months after the date of launch.

seo case study - pdf version
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seo case study sirco samplers  

33% Increase in Organic Traffic 50% More Requests for Proposal

Sirco Samplers has helped businesses take accurate water samples for over four decades, thus preventing harmful pollutants from entering the public water supply. Their goal is to create a cleaner, safer environment through a reliable and accurate sampling system.
Sirco Samplers recognized the value of the Internet to bring more leads and act as an effective sales channel. Not having to hire more sales person and partially automating the sales process by running a website in top positions 24/7 has became the top marketing priority for our client.
seo case study - pdf version
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Google Analytics Case Studies

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google analytics study canada pharmacy online  

Increases AdWords Conversions by 38% and
Reduces Cost per Conversion by 20.5%

Established in 2006, offers quality pharmaceutical products, serving the growing needs of U.S. consumers for high quality prescription and non-prescription drugs. It operates in the health vertical and has grown rapidly, establishing a strong customer base and generating significant revenues. Search engines (Google, Yahoo! and Bing) are the primary marketing channels through which Canada Pharmacy Online generates new business. Pitstop Media manages the PPC campaigns of and is responsible for new customer acquisition and sales.
google case study - pdf version
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google analytics case study drug world canada  

DWC Decreases AdWords CPC by 28.3% and Increases Paid Traffic Conversion Rate by 30.5% with Google Analytics is an ecommerce website selling health products to customers in North America. It is part of a leading online Canadian pharmacy group and the main channel for customer acquisition is Pay Per Click advertising. Pitstop Media managed the paid advertising for Drug World Canada. Based on experience, Pitstop Media knew that it could better manage PPC campaigns by gaining access to Google Analytics data, which provides information on visitor behaviour, actual search queries used by visitors, visitor navigation, goals, funnels, landing page performance, etc. Pitstop Media recommended Google Analytics and Drug World Canada was willing to try the services on a trial basis for 3 months.
google analytics case study - pdf version
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Conversion Optimization Case Studies

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conversion optimization case study Canada Drugs Online  

200% ROI from Conversion Optimization Services

Canada Drugs Online (CDO) is an industry leading mail order pharmacy serving more than 100,000 existing and new customers. CDO offer low prices, excellent customer service and fast shipping. came to Pitstop Media for help to improve the overall user experience and interaction with their website. The main objectives were to reduce bounce rates and to increase the time visitors spent on the website.
conversion optimization case study - pdf version
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conversion optimization case study kool docs  

75% Increase in Conversion Rate by Optimizing
the Home Page

Specializing in the rapidly emerging field of telemedicine, is the web’s leading resource for online doctor consultations, diagnoses, and doctors’ excuses for work and school. A relatively new methodology of clinical medicine practice, telemedicine involves qualified medical professionals, or “online doctors” providing patients with these valuable services using telephone, email, video, or Internet chat rooms.
conversion optimization case study - pdf version
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Quality Score Guide

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quality socre optimization and best practices  

Optimization and Best Practice

Quality Score, also known as QS, is a dynamic variable calculated by Google to rank ads (sponsored links) on Google search results. Quality Score determines: Whether your ad qualifies to be shown on Google, Google Search Partners, Google Content Network and on specific placement sites; Which position your ad will be displayed on; How much you pay per click...
quality score optimization - pdf version
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